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This ring is everything I was looking for in a wedding band. It is a bit on the heavier side, but it works for me. The cost is a f.. ...»
Love this fun little ring, bought other stackables and this fit in with them perfect, always fun to wear alone too, got lots of co.. ...»
Love this ring! My fiance found it at the mall got $399 which was out of our price range. Finding it on fanpage facebook envyj.com.. ...»

Man Ring nva486 Special Project

Man Ring nva486 Special Project
Man Ring nva486 Special Project Man Ring nva486 Special Project Man Ring nva486 Special Project Man Ring nva486 Special Project Man Ring nva486 Special Project
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Made From Lvl 9 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel USA

Stainless Steel Iron Man Ring nva486 Special Project

Product Details

Whether you're hanging out with friends or going to the clubs, our selection of men's stainless steel jewelry will help you look your best. Our stainless steel jewelry for men is made from high quality 316L steel and includes men's rings. We have a large collection of stainless steel rings with unique cross.
Stainless steel jewelry for men is the hottest thing out right now. If you want the look and feel of high end jewelry, stainless steel is a good option that doesn’t break the bank. When you think of stainless steel it sounds cheap because it’s used to make pots and pans, but don’t get it twisted. High grade 316L stainless steel is used to make high end luxury items like iced out watches by Rolex, Brietling, and other top end designers that costs tens of thousands of dollars. Step your game up with some 316L stainless steel jewelry at EnvyJ. This material is very durable and strong, so you get that precision detail and fine edges that you won’t get with regular jewelry. Stainless steel doesn’t tarnish or corrode, so that’s another plus. Even real sterling silver jewelry tarnishes and turns black over time. But with stainless steel, you get that high-end platinum-like glow and long term durability for not much more than the cost of replica bling. Step your game up now and rock some 316L quality stainless steel jewelry the next time you go out.
It is often chosen by many maunfacturers because it is a very strong, solid and durable metal that will not rust.
For these same reasons, stainless steel is now popular in the making of jewelry. It will not tarnish or discolor your skin.
It is perfect for those who prefer the silver color but dislike the discoloration properties of silver and it is less expensive then white gold.
It is also used by many people who love silver but have allergique reactions. Not all steel jewelry is hypoallergenique though. It has to be the type made with surgical steel.
Stainless steel is often a perfect alternative for engagement rings.
Stainless steel jewelry is becoming more and more popular, especially among men. People are attracted to it's beauty, class and strength. You can find rings, bracelets, chains, body jewelry and many other types of stainless steel jewelry.
100% Hypo-Allergenic.
This Piece Is Made From Surgical Grade Stainless Steel! Sames Stuff The Doctors Use!
Stainless steel jewelry is very versatile. As previously mentioned, the reason that people buy jewelry differs from person to person. Some people buy it just to own something pretty, while others buy it to wear it and make themselves look more attractive in public. Some people also want to look more refined in public rather than attractive and once again wearing jewelry is a way to accomplish this. Regardless of what the circumstances are, there is a piece of stainless steel jewelry available that can help you fulfill those needs; making stainless steel jewelry very versatile. 

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